2-yr-old Tamil boy trapped in borewell for over 40 hrs

More than 46 hours after a two-year-old boy fell into a borewell in Trichy, rescue teams are continuing their efforts to pull out the toddler after a brief delay and amidst a downpour.

IMAGE: Operation still underway to rescue the 2-year-old Sujith Wilson who fell into a 25-feet deep borewell in Nadukattupatti, Tiruchirappalli. Photograph: PTI Photo

The rescue personnel had launched an operation to reach Sujith Wilson and pull him out of the borewell into which he had fallen on Friday evening while he was out playing nearby. More than six crews of the National Disaster Response Force as well as the State Disaster Response Force have been working to rescue the two-year-old but are yet to reach him.


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Rescue workers are digging a hole next to the borewell to enable the boy to be pulled up by sending a person inside. A medical team is providing oxygen to the minor from outside the borewell.

Previously it was reported that the boy had dropped to 100 feet but according to officials involved in the rescue operation, the boy is stuck at 88 feet. “We are planning to dig till 98 feet to rescue Sujith,” an official said.

A boring machine had begun drilling early Sunday morning. A rig drilling machine with high efficiency reached the spot late in the day. Earlier rescue attempts had to be called off after machines hit a layer of rock.

The child fell into a 25-feet borewell while he was playing near his house on Friday evening. He slipped further down on Saturday.

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