Israel’s Ben Gurion airport descends into CHAOS as baggage system fails (VIDEOS)

Israel’s Ben Gurion airport descends into CHAOS as baggage system fails (VIDEOS) Frustrated passengers were left in long queues which snaked through Terminal 3 at Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport following a 10-hour malfunction with the baggage handling system which created luggage pile ups in the departure hall.

There were delays to at least 37 departing flights on one of the busiest days of the year during the peak of vacation season, with some 80,000 passengers expected to pass through the airport on Monday alone. The Israel Airport Authority claimed there was no immediate solution. 

Video from the scene shows beleaguered passengers standing in massive queues throughout the terminal building, many sitting atop their suitcases, while embattled airport employees tried to maintain some semblance of order.

The malfunction was localized to Terminal 3 at the airport, no other terminals were affected by the outage. Several flights took off without passengers’ luggage on board.

Passengers were advised to travel with their essentials and that their luggage would be sent to them later, though authorities cautioned the process could take up to two days. 

The baggage system is now operating properly but the build-up of luggage continues in the terminal building.

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