‘We wanted to make people laugh’: Swiss club causes blushes by using PORNHUB pic to boost ticket sales

‘We wanted to make people laugh’: Swiss club causes blushes by using PORNHUB pic to boost ticket sales Swiss Super League club Servette FC has been accused of sexism after posting a screenshot from Pornhub on their official Twitter account in an attempt to boost ticket sales ahead of Sunday‘s clash with Young Boys Berne.

The Geneva-based club shared a raunchy picture of a woman with a near-naked bottom who was climbing the stairs towards a Servetter FC emblem seen in the background.

“There‘s a rush on at the ticket office for Sunday‘s game,” the club captioned the controversial picture.

However, the team’s attempt to increase ticket sales didn’t go to plan, with many followers lambasting the club for the provocative advertisement.

Some users accused the team of sexism while others condemned Servette FC for using the X-rated image which could be seen by kids.

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The club explained their choice of the unusual internet promotion by stating that they just “wanted to make people laugh.”

Servette FC said that it was amusing to discover that the club’s logo appeared on the well-known adult website Pornhub, as the image was actually taken when the team’s Stade de Geneve was hosting an erotic exhibition a few years ago.

“We thought it better if we put it on social media ourselves. We wanted to make people laugh,” the club .

“It‘s amusing that Servette have appeared on such a well-known website as Pornhub. It makes no difference to us whether the person in the foreground is a man or a woman.

“Instead of taking offence at our logo appearing on this platform [Pornhub] we have chosen to have a laugh about it.”

The club has since deleted the controversial tweet amid the backslash from angry fans.

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